Meeting with the Town Hall 21 April 2022


City hall:

Ms. Natalia Santos, Mayor

Ms. Ana Mateos, Town Planning Councilor

D. Isaac Maestre, Councilor for Mobility

Mr. Víctor Hugo Rodríguez, Councilor for Economy and representative in the EUC


Mr. Estapé (Urban Planning)

Ms. Rodríguez (Legal Affairs).


Dña. Nieves Gómez, President

D. Angel Cuevas

D. Francisco Tapia



  • Reception of urbanisation works carried out under the contract with Construya.: They do not give us concrete explanations, nor will they commit to giving them.
  • Actions requested by the Association in the Las Lomas shopping centre: Signage, zebra crossings, loading and unloading areas, alternative parking. It seems that no one has seen or therefore studied or done anything in relation to our requests. We have insisted on the need to take measures to avoid chaos in that area and the serious risk of an accident. We will re-send the approach that we had proposed.
  • Shop awning: The Mayor expressed her surprise that it had not yet been removed. Urban planning stated that it has been reported and that the owner has been sanctioned. The work personnel were sent to dismantle it, but they did not have the necessary tools. Ms. Santos promised to follow up on this matter.
  • Urban discipline, debris, damage to streets and sidewalks as a result of new construction: They tell us that a Municipal technician has been reporting some of them and that there have been numerous complaints. The Town Hall has awarded seven new positions for Local Police to support surveillance work.
  • Bus service: The Association thanked the Town Hall for finally supplying a service, but we put on record our disappointment with the inadequate schedules and the lack of shelters at the stops. Regarding the schedules at the moment and in the medium term, there is little that can be done. Regarding the canopies, in the town they have one that they are going to transfer to Costa Esuri, but only one. It was noted that there are more needed.
  • Alternative sports facilities to the field that the City Council does not recognise: They tell us that the Town Hall has no money and they aspire to have some economic subsidy that can be used for these tasks.
  • Civic-cultural centre: Possible alternatives were proposed by the Association, without any commitment on the part of the Town Hall.
  • Access road to Costa Esuri from roundabout on A-49: The need for clearing was raised. This is a serious problem posed by the growth of oleanders and bushes, especially for cyclists who are forced to leave the shoulder to ride in the vehicle road. There is also, a problem with holes in the asphalt and the lack of night lighting. The answer was that the holes will be filled with asphalt. The lighting is a larger problem and it will take time to fix.
  • The EUC: Several issues were raised in this regard, especially the Town Hall’s lack of response to the resources raised, to requests for a legal report, actions by the Governing Council contrary to the Statutes, the neglect of the Guardianship body’s functions.
  • The Technical Secretary stated that she did not know the Statutes of the EUC, which surprised us since they are approved by the Town Hall and appear in its files. She proposed to create a Commission with the Town Hall for its review. She did not know that the Town Hall has a representative on the Governing Council. She did state that the Town Hall is not the father of the EUC, and that it offers its collaboration.
  • The Association highlighted the abandonment, lack of presence and actions of all kinds by the Town Hall in Costa Esuri. Although the meeting was not as decisive as we would have liked, the dialogue with the Town Hall was re-established and remains open to deal with other matters that were left pending due to lack of time.
  • For her part, the Mayor acknowledged that, in fact, she may not have given Costa Esuri due attention, that she is the Mayor of all the residents of Ayamonte and its neighbourhoods and that she will put everything that she and her team can do to solve each of these problems that we raise. They think we are aware of the economic hardships of the Municipality, but even so they continue to manage the small budget they have and put a lot of focus on the fact that they do not stop looking for all kinds of subsidies that the Junta de Andalucía, the Central Government and the EU put at the disposal of the municipalities.

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