Meeting with town hall 14 Dec. 2020

Summary of the meeting held with Mr. Víctor Hugo Rodríguez and Ms. Rosario de los Angeles by the City Council, Ms. Nieves Gómez, Mr. Paul Kelly and Ms. Marina Martínez by the Association.

There was a long discussion about the audit request made by the neighbors, since the management of the EUC is one of the most important issues since the maintenance and conservation of our urbanization and the cost it has for the owners depends on it.

It is evident that many EUC’s do external audits and even in many it is established in their Statutes. We do not understand why the residents’ request that the accounts be audited has aroused so much antagonism in the EUC Council and in the City Council itself.

**Mr. Rodríguez comments that the General Assembly of the Association was illegal because it was held with meetings forbidden due to covid 19.

For our part, we stated that he was wrong and that it was perfectly legal, since it was held with 12 associates present on the terrace of a public establishment, where the capacity in the Covid period at that time was more than 100 people and at times also allowed by the Covid regulations.

*Mr. Rodríguez stated that he is surprised that an audit of some accounts that are approved is requested.

We explained that the accounts of the EUC for 2019 are not approved, there has not been a General Assembly in 2020 and in any case the votes in the The way in which they are carried out is of doubtful reliability. Regardless of this is the fact that the law gives a deadline to request an audit even after the approval of the accounts.

Several comments are made about the information provided by the EUC Council on its website, both in the minutes of meetings and in the accounts, highlighting some specific points that show the incongruity of the information.

**To this, Mr. Rodríguez replied that since none of the members of the Governing Council are accounting technicians, the person in charge is the Administrator.

This is a surprising comment, since the Administrator acts under the orders of the Council and the latter has the right and obligation to know all the information, for which he is responsible when he approves it.

**Finally, Mr. Rodríguez stated that the audit request is going to be processed, although he does not know if he can oblige the Council to do so.He will initiate the procedure by requesting a copy of the minutes of the General Assembly of the Association and in parallel he will ask the Council for the accounts. The Council must meet to approve the provision of this information or the data they consider.A file will be opened for the Legal Services of the City Council to rule on the decision of whether or not to hold an  audit.

For our part, we noted that this procedure is delaying, since the accounts are approved by the Council and published on the EUC website and have also been provided in the audit request letter. It seems to us that a meeting of the EUC Council is required to decide to provide the City Council with documentation that the City already has and which is published, it is nothing more than hindering the process.



Several other issues were discussed, especially bus service, which it was agreed we will discuss with Ms. De los Angeles from now on.

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