Meeting with town hall and local police.

Representatives of the residents association met with Snr. Mayo (councilman for police, traffíc, security, etc) and Snr. Docarmo (the chief of the local police) in Costa Esuri on Monday, to discuss traffic calming measures to be implemented on the road by the commercial center in Las Lomas.

It was agreed that a pedestrian zebra crossing will be installed from the sidewalk to the bus stop.

Two rumble strips (easier to install than sleeping policemen), will be placed at either end of the comercial center. These will force vehicles to slow down when approaching the pedestrian crossing. 

It was also agreed that There will be more frequent surveillance of the area by the local police.

Mr. Mayo said that the City Council had requested signage showing directions to Costa Esuri on the A-49 . As he put it, it is in the hands of the ministry of  transport to release funds for this.

He also commented on the possibility of the EUC hiring some security service. Camaras cannot be placed at the entrances or on public roads (Mr. Docarmo confirms), but some other way should be studied, such as a security service by car or motorcycle that toured the Urbanisation randomly, based on housing protection.

We talked at length about the problems of the festivities and noise and visited the house in Bartolomé de las Casas and another in that same street that is being built by the same owner.

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