Meeting with town hall September 23

Last Wednesday September 13 we had a meeting with the Second Deputy Mayor and Councillor, responsible for among other things, urbanism including Costa Esuri, Dña. Paloma Ogáyar Lechuga

We asked for this meeting days ago to deal with three specific topics:

  • Parties in Costa Esuri,
  • Traffic and security in the Lomas shopping center,
  • Fires.

The date and time were confirmed and we were told that Mr. José María Mayo Luís, First Deputy Mayor who is responsible for, among other things, Traffic, Police and Civil Protection, would also be present. (He wasn’t there due to illness.)

Three issues that we have already discussed with the City on other occasions, as well as sending reports and instances by email. They knew the issues and they knew what we were going to discuss. We anted to know what action they would take.

What we did not know was that they already knew what they were going to do: Give us the run around. Which is what our local politicians do best, whatever party they are.

Mrs. Ogáyar told us that since Mr. Mayo could not be present, she would pass on our demands. As if Mr. Mayo didn’t already know. the meeting was a waste of our time.

Mrs. Ogáyar told us that noisy parties, which affect the health of the neighbors, which disturb their rest, which damages the image of Costa Esuri, and to which the local police do not come even if they are called numerous times,… are not the responsibility of the City Council, but of the local police.

Ms. Ogáyar, probably very wise in other respects, ignores art. 4 of the Local Police Act 16/1991 of 10 July, which states:

“2. The command of the local police is exercised by the Mayor, who may delegate the corresponding powers, in accordance with the regulations in force.”

The Mayor of Ayamonte has delegated these powers precisely to D. José María Mayo Luís. First Deputy Mayor and head of the Local Police.

She gave us an alternative to report it to the Court. We can see that the City Council, already so early in its term of office begins to wash its hands of its responsibility.

We must refer to the Consistory Ayamontino to our brief filed on July 27 in which we requested that the procedure that the law provides, which is for Costa Esuri to be qualified as a noise-free area be put into effect. That is their duty and is the solution so that these excessively noisy events that harm the neighbours, the payers of taxes, ends definitively. Don’t give us a hard time about this!

With regard to security and surveillance on Miguel de Unamuno Street, we asked for signs, sleeping policemen and zebra crossings, Mrs. Ogáyar told us that she will bring it up with the First Deputy Mayor, that she can’t do anything. This is the Second Deputy Mayor, responsible for Costa Esuri, that cannot do anything? We have already this with Mr. Mayo at a meeting on 10 July, following his suggestion we emailed him with proposal for measures that we believed should be implemented. Did Mr. Mayo forget?

On fire prevention, Mrs. Ogáyar has told us that she is currently drafting a fire prevention plan that includes Costa Esuri. The same thing we were told two years ago by the previous administration. Things never change, except when they get worse.

For Mrs. Ogáyar this meeting is part of her job, she receives a salary that we all pay through our taxes to serve the needs of the citizens of Costa Esuri and Ayamonte. It is time already amortised. As for the neighbours give up our time we, we go to the meetings, we wait around for a while, pay for fuel and parking and get nowhere EVERY time. 

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