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We have started a fundraising campaign to enable us to file contentious-administrative appeals  against the City Council of Ayamonte as they have repeatedly failed to respond our previous appeals.

By means of these appeals we challenge the General Assemblies of the EUC Costa Esuri held on October 29, 2021 and March 30, 2022 (It should be noted that the minutes of the latter meeting, as of today, have not yet been published. We wonder what are they waiting for?)

For this collection, in order to have maximum reach, we have used the Gofundme platform (

Contributions through this platform carry an additional cost of 15%, which is the platform’s commission.

Those who wish to avoid this additional cost, can deposit their donation directly to the account of the Association of Neighbors in La Caixa, indicating name, purpose of the contribution and, if you are not a member of the Association of Neighbors, sending us an email with your details for the purpose of the eventual return of the contribution.

We remind you the details of our bank account:

IBAN: ES35 2100 7139 5701 0015 5678


Account holder:


With these legal actions the judges will decide whether the management of the Governing Council of the EUC is in accordance with the law and the Statutes.

As you know, we believe that it is not, because there is no improvement in the collection of fees, there is no information or transparency, there is no accountability and arbitrary decisions are taken for which the Board is not empowered.

As bad as it may be for us, in Costa Esuri there is an EUC. If we have it, we want it to work. If we pay for it, they must be accountable.

May 11, 2022


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