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On Tuesday, 19 November, Ms. Ana María Mateos, the Town Planning Councillor, visited Costa Esuri, accompanied by the Heads of the Technical Department, Ms. Gema Pereira and D. Fabián Gómez.

The objective of this visit was to show them the defective work carried out on the roads and to point out actual examples of these defects, in respect of which we are demanding action from the City Council.

With regard to these defective works, we were able to indicate trees that were marked for replacement, but which have not been replaced; manhole covers covered in cement; and areas of  streets that have not been repaired.

We must take into account that these works are for the repair of hidden defects, for which a Technical Report was published, in which all the work to be carried out was detailed. It is not about paving a whole street or replacing a lamp post because it is broken. It is focusing on what work was done badly (for example, trees that were planted too superficially) and needing to be corrected.

Currently, the road leading to Las Colinas still needs to be repaired. The new trees will all be planted in a few days, so approval of the total works will be submitted to the Town Council very soon.

If we see any marked areas that have not been fixed, an asphalt patch that does not seem to have been repaired properly, or anything else we believe is not in a good condition, please let us know as soon as possible.

Whether commenting on this post or by emailing, please give us your observations, as this is an issue of vital importance and affects all residents of Costa Esuri.

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  1. Edwin. C. Haywood

    It is a pity that all the trees between the two roundabouts fronting Marina and Vista esuri complexes cannot be removed, this particular genus is not suitable for this part of Spain, They are now spreading their branches and hanging over into the vista complex, At the moment they are seeding dropping on cars parked and making a right mess. Most of the year they are shedding their foliage, and in the spring have orange blossoms which fall and stick to your vehicle they are very gluey and horrible.All this and the havoc and destruction they have created to the pavements.I am sure that these trees are not cost affective to the urbanisation and should all be removed I live in vista esuri in block 2 fronting the street, and I see the work that goes into cleaning up after this abomination of a tree.

  2. These trees, and a few others in different roads, were showed to the Town Hall people that came yesterday, and will include them on the list of defaults to be provided to them.
    As for the pavement, would you please send a photo using the Contact form?
    Photos are most useful.

  3. Lamp post outside number 21 and 22 on Lomas manzana 1 front line has never ever worked in all the time the houses there were built.
    Would be nice to get that sorted please.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, we will inform the people in charge at the Town Hall.
      This is the kind of feedback we are asking for, because the CERA Committee alone will not be able to notice all the anomalies in the repair of hidden defaults.

  4. Could the Rubbish bins opposite block 5 Vista Esuri be removed from the pavement. There is no need for them to be there and are a danger to family’s who have to step in the road with children on Bikes and push chairs.

    1. These bins and their placement were requested by an individual directly to Giahsa, not by the CERA. What the CERA might do, if a relevant number of residents tells us, is request that they are taken out, or placed by the second gate of Vista Esuri as we always intended.
      Comments here or using the Contact form will give us support for action.

      1. Thanks for your reply. So are you saying That any individual can have the bins moved by contacting Giahsa,??
        The bay infront of Block 2 Vista was built for rubbish bins but sits there empty.
        If a child is knocked down due to the bins being on the footpath Who will be responsible .?? Giahsa or the Town hall.
        I am sure neither would like to be sued.. Regards

        1. We agree, those bins are not well placed and the CERA Committee has been asking for a long time to move these and other bins to more convenient places. We were informed that someone from the EUC Board requested those bins.

  5. The most walked on pavement in costa esuri has not been repaired..??Tree’s were marked for removal and not removed. Please take a look at the area by the bins in front of Marina Esuri plus the other side of the road in front of Block 2 Vista Esuri.

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