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26th Feb
Dear friends and residents of Costa Esuri
I write to you as Vice President, on behalf of the committee of Costa Esuri Residents’ Association (CERA).

You may or may not know that the AGM of the EUC of Costa Esuri takes place next Friday 3rd March at Casa Grande at 5pm (first call at 4pm). This is a crucial meeting that could well determine the quality of our environment for a long time. It is the view of the CERA committee (and many residents) that the EUC is failing us all. The inadequacy of the Board of the EUC (consisting of 4 members) is detrimental to the medium and long-term interests and welfare of our community.

The Board is effectively self-selected, and they have adopted a voting structure that is undemocratic and that ensures they can never be deselected or replaced. They do their utmost to make it difficult for the democratic process to work. For example, the Board announces the date of the AGM at the latest possible opportunity to make it almost impossible to gather proxy votes. Voter suppression at its worst.

The EUC’s communication is very poor, they operate in an environment of secrecy. They administer a significant budget, approaching 800,000 Euros per annum and have never produced professionally audited accounts. The financial records that they do publish are inadequate and tell us very little.  We, the democratically elected representatives of the residents of Costa Esuri, have difficulty getting any answers to our many questions. There are over 2000 permanent residents here, and many more owners who visit periodically, who have no representation and no voice.

A cursory look around the site and it is evident that there are many problems that the EUC should be addressing. Immediate issues like the roots of trees pulling up pavements, litter, overflowing bins, lamps not working, and much more. This is basic maintenance and must be dealt with.

In the longer-term we need a community centre, proper traffic calming devices, a clinic, a nursery, an effective bus service and much more. Not all of this is the responsibility of the EUC, but the EUC is the governing body of our community who could do much more. Their performance is pathetic and unacceptable. Residents and visitors/owners have a right to be heard. CERA is the only chance we have got. 

Our proposal and objective are simple. CERA must replace the current Board of the EUC. The Ayuntamiento needs to accept its responsibility to us and act immediately. The Ayuntamiento has the authority and should disband the current EUC Board immediately. It should be replaced by a democratic and accountable body such as CERA. Failing this, the best opportunity we have to replace the current EUC Board is the EUC AGM next year when all Board members are up for re-election. It is critical that we take that opportunity or we will continue to be subject to the unaccountable and ineffective Board who will continue to fail us.

Residents and members of CERA should understand that the committee is tired of being ignored by the EUC and the Ayuntamiento and is frustrated by the feeling that our efforts are in vain. We will soon be announcing the date of the CERA AGM in April. We urge you to attend so that we can discuss and agree a strategy to change the Board of the EUC. 

Many people talk positively about CERA and agree with its aims and objectives. However, we only have a small group of active members who need and deserve more overt and positive support. I fear that without this, we could lose CERA and without CERA, the residents of Esuri will not have effective representation. This is a very dangerous position to be in. I cannot imagine a situation where we pay an annual fee but never have any say in how that money is spent.  Our environment, services and welfare, now and in the future, are in serious jeopardy. I ask you to do the following:

Pay your annual CERA membership fee now and make sure it is set up as a standing order.
Respond to a survey that we will send to you soon.
Engage with our website and Facebook page and give us your feedback.
Encourage your neighbours to join CERA if they aren’t already members.
Attend our AGM in April (date and venue to be announced).

Let me reiterate; CERA is your democratically elected representative. The committee works voluntarily on your behalf and, therefore, deserves and needs your support. The stakes are very high. I can’t imagine where we would be without some form of representation. The EUC Board does not represent us and must be replaced. 

Terry McGuire
Vice President, CERA

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