The President of the EUC’s Board has published a letter dated 7 February, on the website www.euccostaesuri.com, in which he says he wants to explain the reasons to the postponement of the AGM of 2024, which had been set for 8 March 2024 as recorded in the minutes of 9 October 2023.

As usual, the President misrepresents the truth.

It says in that letter:

*That at the Board meeting held on February 6 the following was agreed:  “To postpone for a month and for the time being the AGM that was scheduled to be held at the end of March 2024″.

The minutes of 9 October 2023 set the date of the Assembly for 8 March 2024. On the minutes of 6 February 2024 the AGM is postponed to the last Friday of April. That is not precisely the end of March. Postponing the AGM until the 26 April is more than a month.

* “This postponement is due, as you know, to the change of the Administrator that took place through a tender last December since MR Managering Madrid opted not to continue working for the EUC and asked to terminate its contract. “

The President knows very well that there was no tender procedure. There is no record of any agreement by the Board on the recruitment procedure. The appointment of the new Administrator has been completely irregular,  to the point that the representative of the Ayuntamiento expressed his disagreement. Appeals have been filed with the Ayuntamiento as the EUC’s supervisor body, which if consistent with the statements of its representative, Mr. Juan Francisco Cobo, must resolve the appeals as soon as possible, before the AGM.

* “This postponement is due to the lack of transfer of documentation, database, accounts, budgets and reports from the previous administration to the new company. To date, the EUC has not yet been provided with the information ultimately requested via burofax. “

The contract with Mr Managering Madrid, S.L. ended on February 23, 2024 and until then the administrator must fulfil its obligations, which the Board must require. If they slam the door, legal actions should be filed.

The situation the President intends to explain reveals the EUC Board’s inability to manage the EUC Costa Esuri. How was this situation not foreseen, when since at least 9 October 2023, the Board was aware of the possible cease of MR Managering Madrid, S.L.?

Members may also be interested to know that several comments have been made on our previous posts regarding this situation, especially on the Spanish site.

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