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Welcome to our blog page. This is where you will find news and comments about Costa Esuri. We appreciate your opinions. Please be polite and respectful when posting.


DEMONSTRATION On Tuesday October 10 at 11:30 the residents of Costa Esuri will hold a demonstration before the Ayamonte town hall Why now? Because we are suffering situations that cannot be tolerated in an urbanisation like Costa Esuri, characterised by...

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Costa Esuri golf tournament

On the 14th of October we will celebrate the second edition of the COSTA ESURI OPEN golf tournament. There will be trophies for the scratch winner and the first three classified in two categories. Prizes for the longest drive and...

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Meeting with town hall September 23

Last Wednesday September 13 we had a meeting with the Second Deputy Mayor and Councillor, responsible for among other things, urbanism including Costa Esuri, Dña. Paloma Ogáyar Lechuga We asked for this meeting days ago to deal with three specific...

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committee meeting Sept 23

SUMMARY Town Hall meeting. Next Wednesday, September 13, we have a meeting with Councilors Mr. Mayo and Mrs. Ogáyar to address three specific issues: a) Noisy parties. The noise level is unbearable, prevents the rest of children and adults, there...

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Every summer, for years, we suffered fires in Costa Esuri. From an attempt at the entrance to Costa Esuri that managed to shut down some neighbors, to the most serious that occurred in 2021, when residents of Las Colinas had...

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On Monday, July 10, members of the CERA Committee met with Councilors Mr. Mayo (Traffic), and Mss. Ogáyar (Urbanism) and Ortega (Citizen Participation). It was a first meeting to present the actions that we consider necessary to be carried out...

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The EUC “Audit”

COMMENTS ON THE REPORT OF AGREED PROCEDURES ON FINANCIAL REPORTS FOR THE YEARS 2019-2022 OF THE EUC COSTA ESURI Dear CERA members,  The EUC Council has published a report on the financial accounts for the years 2019-2022 on its website....

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EUC disinformation.

It has to be made clear that the Facebook page “EUC Costa Esuri is not a page of the EUC, but of the EUYC’s Council. A comment has been posted on that Facebook page, anonymously, but from The EUC Council,...

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