The Board of the EUC  last met on October 9th, with Mr. Francisco Cobo Rayo joining the Board as representative of the Trusteeship Body (Ayamonte City Council).

As usual, the minutes of the Governing Council meetings are always a box of surprises, mostly negative, but today we are going to take a special look at item 2.

It states:

“The Audit was carried out with the approval of the majority of the General Assembly and, it was uploaded to the networks, when the pertinent steps and questions were made so as not to breach any regulations”.

“The audit was carried out by experts within a company approved for this purpose…”.

These comments are a  response to the open letter sent by the President of the Neighbourhood Association that we published on this website on October 15.

What should be clear, and that the Governing Council should stop trying to confuse us, is that NO AUDIT OF THE EUC ACCOUNTS WAS PERFORMED.

What was done was a “REPORT OF AGREED PROCEDURES ON FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR THE YEARS 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022″, procedures that were agreed between the Administrator, the Board of Directors and the auditing firm, following the assignment of the Administrator, Mr. Jesús Menéndez Pelayo.

The report itself states:

“Because the procedures described do not constitute an audit, a review, or an assurance engagement, we express no opinion or conclusion …..”

You can read it at de Transparencia/Cuentas, where it appears published not by the will of the EUC Council but by mandate of the Transparency Council, as stated in the Open Letter”.

The Governing Council must stop misleading the owners!

Regardless of the above, we find it curious that it is stated in Item 1 of the minutes:

the Administrator, Mr. Jesús Menéndez Pelayo, is thinking of retiring, but if his fees are raised, he would continue.

Don’t miss it: de Transparencia/Actas Reuniones del Consejo Rector.



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