The President of the Association of Neighbours of Costa Esuri has sent the following letter to the Governing Council of the EUC Costa Esuri:


Dear. members of the Governing Council of the EUC COSTA ESURI.

At the Ordinary General Assembly of the EUC Costa Esuri held on March 3 of this year, was partially read a report that was said to be an audit and that would be published in a few days on the website of the Entity in its transparency portal.

It was not published until May 19, and was not published on the initiative of the EUC, but by the intervention of the Transparency Council of Andalusia at the request of a member of the Board of the Association of Neighbours and Residents of Costa Esuri. Why did it take so long to publish it, did they want to hide something, and why?

In May the Association published a post in the blog of its website commenting on the aforementioned report and in which we denounced the realisation of the “REPORT OF PROCEDURES AGREED” between the Governing Council and an auditing firm; because in the Assembly held in March 2022, it was agreed to “perform an AUDIT of the accounting and annual accounts of the last four years 2018-2021” according to the agreement adopted by the Governing Council at its meeting of 02-02-2022 and subsequently ratified at the AGO held in March 2022.

You have breached the agreement adopted at the General Assembly by modifying the years to be audited and have not commissioned an “AUDIT” but an “Agreed Procedures Report”, which is not the same thing.

This report has cost 15,488.00 euros, and although it has not served to know if the annual accounts presented in those years correctly reflect the true image of the entity’s patrimony, its financial situation and its results; neither has it served to show if the annual accounts presented are those that correspond to the type of entity that the EUC is. 

It has been useful to learn that the accounting that is carried out, does not include  the detailed accounts of each member or property of the entity, and a series of “Qualifications, exceptions or anomalies”.

After the celebration of the Assembly in March of the current year, the Governing Council met on March 30, according to the published Minutes; in their meeting they did not talk about the “Agreed Procedures Report” issued by an auditor. At that date it had not yet been published on the web page. Our question in this regard is:

  • Are the members of the Governing Council aware of the contents of the report, do they agree with the exceptions stated therein or do they disagree?

From that date until September 2023 at the time of writing this letter, there is no record that the Governing Council has met again. The Governing Council does not announce its meetings and no new minutes have been published, so we have not had any news in the more than six months that have elapsed, and thus we do not know what consequences the aforementioned report has had, if the Governing Council has read it and if they have adopted any measures to correct the exceptions or qualifications.

Consequently, we REQUEST the Governing Council to provide information on the following questions:

1.- What measures have you taken or will you take so that the contracts with the companies CONFORTSERVI SL and M R MANAGERING MADRID SL, are not tacitly renewed and the services are contracted through a public bidding procedure?

The members of the Association want an explanation of why CONFORTSERVI SL that had at the beginning of 2016 an outstanding balance of 700,722 euros, was paid in 2018 and 2019 that amount plus 5,899 euros.

3.- We want an explanation of why the auditor who has made the report, has not been able to verify or obtain information of the conservation fees pending collection prior to the year 2019 in the amount of 4,961,918.69 euros.

4.- What does the Governing Council think of the fact that the auditor has approached the SGTH, as the body issuing the collection receipts to the owners, to request information on the list of owners with information on their outstanding debts and has not received a response?

The exceptions or qualifications included in the report are significant, and confirm that the administration and accounting are not rigorous or reliable. Furthermore, not knowing which owners are not up to date with their payments affects the transparency and confidence of the voting results of the General Assemblies, a very serious fact that violates a specially protected right such as the right of active and passive suffrage. 

Consequently, and to conclude, we would like an answer to the questions raised above and to know what measures the Governing Council has taken or is going to take to solve the exceptions or qualifications included in the “Agreed Procedures Report” published on the entity’s website, in the transparency/accounts portal.

 Ayamonte, September 22nd, 2023

           Nieves Gómez Rey

  President of the Association of Neighbours and Residents of Costa Esuri La Luz

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