The following is a letter delivered to the CERA’s Committee by an owner who attended the EUC’s AGM for the first time:

“EUC’s AGM 26 APRIL 2024

Yesterday I was able to attend an embarrassing spectacle that I still can’t get over today. I own a house in Costa Esuri and by chance (from a neighbor) I found out that there was an annual owners’ meeting at the Casa Grande in Ayamonte; I told myself, I’m finally going to find out what they use my money for from a semi-annual bill that I pay for this thing they call EUC.

When I arrived at the AGM hall where the meeting was being held, I heard a man at the table (later I found out he was the President of my EUC) ranting against the lack of transparency in the accounts of the Costa Esuri Residents Association, I thought: I went to the wrong meeting, but no, I found out (thanks to my seatmate) that there is some hostility between the EUC and the Residents Association. I asked what is this about now in the EUC AGM? Isn’t this Meeting so that the EUC’s Presidency accounts for the management of the EUC? The Residents Association is voluntary, I unsubscribe whenever I want, at its AGM I will ask for an account of what I deem opportune, but I cannot stop paying the EUC and I want and have the right to have them explain to me clearly what they do with my money, and this is something they do not do, it was not possible. There was no prior delivery to the Meeting of the documentation with the statement of accounts and budget.

There I sat while an Administrator who justified his lack of knowledge of the accounts because he had only been an Administrator for a few months, explained to me on the screen something that they defined as the statement of accounts and financial situation, nothing to do with an accounting plan.  So here we are, randomly paying a bill that the Tax Agency of the Provincial Council gives us, we do not know how it is managed and we cannot stop paying.

There was an absurd and heated discussion about some minutes that were lost years ago, a discussion that was impossible for me to understand but that was irrelevant in this Meeting except to waste time.

But my surprise does not end there, it turns out that we have a Secretary of the Governing Council who publicly complains in the Meeting that she can dedicate little time to these tasks because her professional activity keeps her very busy, I wonder why she does not leave the position? I understood (again thanks to my seat neighbor) that it was voluntary and unpaid; and the President said the same thing! I don’t understand anything.

Gentlemen, leave it alone, dedicate yourselves to your activities that take up so much of your time and allow other owners who do not have this personal problem to enter to govern the EUC. You are managing the money of all the owners and this is very serious, it seems that you are doing us a favor by being on the Governing Council so make no mistake, it is not like that, make way for talented and well-trained people that there are. among the neighbors, wanting to manage the EUC in the way that must be done, clear accounts adjusted to the legality required for these entities, a professional discourse with the capacity to carry this forward, so that we can feel proud to have them at the helm. 

The Meeting continued its course with the intervention of the City Councilor and his sincerity is to be appreciated although not the urban situation of the Barriada (Barriada according to his words [meaning Costa Esuri), much that has not been done even though there is money (guarantees of million-euros amounts that I was not able to know where they came from) and with expectations that this money will be spent on the exciting projects that he mentioned will be carried out during this legislature.

It is also appreciated the intervention of several old residents in the Barriada (to continue with the term used by the Councilor) and with a deep knowledge of the real situation of Costa Esuri in terms of urban planning and other issues, including that of “the party houses”, I didn’t know, that they are proliferating and it is going to be a problem if the City Council does not stop this by applying the ordinances; I did not understand the Councilor in this debate about “the party houses”, why have they not intervened already? He says to wait for there to be complaints, I understood that there already are, why is the Local Police not acting?

Another neighbor with good judgment spoke about how bad the pavements are because of the trees, they talked about the control that the City Council should exercise over the EUC, about its Statutes (they seem outdated and need updating). The truth is I appreciated the debate between the Councilor and neighbors, very interesting, these neighbors are the ones we need at the head of the EUC ,capable of facing our issues with the City Council and knowing how to communicate them to all the neighbors.

I do not want to forget in this reflection that I share with you, the part in which the company that maintains the EUC was discussed, I could not understand how the EUC’s Governing Council can modify the contract or makes a new contract or extend the existing one (it was impossible to find out) considerably increasing the monthly amount paid, and extending it over time, all this without taking it to public deliberation in the Meeting. I had many doubts about the legality of this decision-making. We’ll see.

I also couldn’t understand the President’s explanations regarding having to quickly and urgently elect a new Administrator of the entity. Apparently the previous one made the decision to leave, I think, in February without giving many explanations. Was there a contract with that firm? What has been done or will be done if there was a breach of contract?  If he left because the contract expired, the Governing Council should have planned well in advance, without the haste that is now alleged, the change of the same and have tendered properly following the recommendation of the City Council and not as it has been done.

Finally, and as a final surprise, it turns out that the sheets of the votes that had to be cast throughout the Meeting are taken by the Administrator to his offices to count the votes there; I have not seen such undemocratic barbarity in a long time. The Administrator also tells us that many owners had already left the sheet with their votes in their offices days before and that these will join the ones they are now taking. I can’t believe what I saw and heard. In whose hands are we? 

Signed: One of many owners in Costa Esuri”.


  1. Sadly this is dejvu time. Those of us who have been here a long time have seen and experienced this before.
    The city council have no respect for the residents or desire to improve our community-despite the large Spanish community now living here. Our funds are used for projects outside CE and no doubt controlled by a elite few.
    We need to ensure that every resident who can does Vote at the next elections.

    1. Edwin Charles Haywood

      I completely agree with Gary Bickley l have lived here 20 yrs almost, and nothing has been done for esuri, oh we get our grass and hedges cut” big deal” whilst our roads and pavements are a national disgrace.We are and probably, always will be, a milking cow for Ayamonte Town. A thought for the town council ! You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all of the time .

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