The residents of Costa Esuri are eager to see the Pharmacy open and working, so we have spoken with D. Manuel Martínez, the concessionaire pharmacist, who has kindly given us the following information to share with you.

It is expected that, after the summer holidays, the facilities will be inspected and approved immediately, as the premises and the staff are ready to open for business!

Regarding the qualifications of the care personnel, we have been told that the Pharmacy will always be staffed by a pharmacist and two auxiliary assistants, in principle, one for each shift. The responsible managing Pharmacist, Manuel Martínez Guillén, tells us that the staff will be able to speak adequate English and Portuguese. There is also a Pharmacist who speaks German.

The Pharmacy depends administratively on the Pharmacy on Real de Ayamonte Street (Cristóbal Colón Nº 14). The same services that already exist in that Pharmacy will be provided on Costa Esuri, including opening hours that are authorised. Although the Pharmacy does not operate out of hours shifts, the Ayamonte out of hours rota will be displayed for residents’ information.

The Pharmacy will hold a “First Aid Kit” which is a regulation for this type of establishment. We will have more information on this when the Pharmacy is open.

Costa Esuri continues to grow and, with this growth, services are sure to improve.

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