Presentation of Costa Esuri open

The Costa Esuri Open of 2022

The inauguration of the Costa Esuri open glof tournament of 2022 was held at the town hall today.

Representing the town hall was Sr. Isaac Maestre. Speaking for the Residents Association were Mr Terry Mcguire (vice president and Mrs marina Martinez (secretary) 

The Vice President made this brief presentation:

Good morning everyone, thank you for being with us at the presentation of the FIRST COSTA ESURI OPEN.

In 2014, a President of the Association of Neighbors of Costa Esuri, Philip Johnson, started a golf tournament with the aim of bringing together the very different cultures living in Costa Esuri, whose most common link was their love of golf This tournament has been held every year since then..

We feel that objective has been achieved, today Costa Esuri is a consolidated and fully integrated community in Ayamonte.

We want the Costa Esuri Open that we present today to be a reference for local golfers and for all those who visit us every season, so that it appears in their agendas and they can plan their vacations and trips to participate. We will achieve this by organizing a more interesting, popular and attractive tournament every year.

And we will achieve it because we will surely continue to count on the sponsorship of businesses and companies closely linked to Costa Esuri, without whose support and economic effort this tournament could not be held.

We thank the City Council of Ayamonte and the Sports Board for their collaboration and we hope to attract other institutions in the future, such as the Eurocity, Tourism of Huelva, etc..

How this competition evolves will depend on the effort and participation of all of us.


In the courtyard of the City Hall

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