Resolution adopted by the Ayamonte City Council on May 31, 2024.

On Friday, 31 May, the Ayamonte City Council meeting, in plenary session, approved a motion presented by the party “Ahora Independientes” for the City Council to assume the management of the EUC Costa Esuri, instead of the Governing Council elected by the owners.

The motion was introduced by Ahora Independientes, whose spokesperson said at the meeting “… we cannot allow a Council that they themselves (the owners) elect, to be running the millionaire management, having a fund of almost €1,200,000.”

Unfortunately, not only does this fund not exist, but what does exist is an aggregated debt of €6 million for unpaid fees. This man is not well informed. Every one of the politicians attending the meeting was aware that this information is not true, but nobody said anything.

Mr Cobo, Councillor of Finance and representative of the City Council in the EUC Governing Council, made statements like these: “It is interesting that the Ayuntamiento assumes the management of the EUC directly without the intermediate figure of the Governing Council … it would produce synergies in the maintenance and conservation of Costa Esuri”.

It is noteworthy (after years of being asked by CERA to properly oversee the actions of the previous Governing Council which, as we all know, was chaotic, irresponsible, unaccountable, ineffective and acted behind the backs of the owners) that now, when a new Governing Council tries to put the collection of fees and the accounts of the EUC in order, the City Council decides that it is better that the City Council itself manages the EUC and wants to dispense with the EUC Governing Council!

Now … when the lawsuits we filed against the Council of the EUC and against the City, are very close to being finalised (the case is due to be heard on 12 June in Huelva).

Now … when there is a new Governing Council involved in improving the management of the EUC and requiring the City Council to fulfill its obligations.

What is proposed is that the City Council create a company, dependent on the City Council, which manages the EUC, and that we owners would pay our fees to the City Council.

Mr Cobo also said in plenary that this would make Costa Esuri’s neighbours the same as the Ayamontinos. Would the Ayamontinos pay EUC fees?

Because, let’s not get confused – what is proposed is that we pay our fees to the City Council, in addition to the IBI. But nothing was said about receiving the Urbanisation and dissolving the EUC. Also, nothing has been said about the €3.5 million in guarantees that the City has for Costa Esuri.

We receive nothing for the IBI payments. The works are not executed with the money of the guarantees. And, in this situation, they also now intend that we should pay our fees to the City Council and that the City Council manages the EUC!

The CERA Committee. 8 June 2024

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