Result of the EUC AGM 2024

The Minutes of the EUC AGM have been published on the website of that entity. As a result of this meeting, a new Board was elected.  Below is a translation of the message from the new Board.


Dear owners and members of the Entidad Urbanística de Conservación (“EUC”) Costa Esuri,
On 26 April 2024, the Ordinary General Assembly of the EUC took place, in which several decisions were taken.

Two candidacies were presented to take on the positions of the Governing Council and the following persons were elected, all of them owners of properties in the Urbanisation.

President: Francisco Tapia
Vice-president: Ángel Cuevas
Secretary: Jorge Pallás
Treasurer: Paul Kelly
Member: José Toscano

We would like to thank all the owners who participated in the Assembly personally or represented for the trust they have placed in us and we will work to be justly deserving of it.

We have ahead of us the task of improving the management and administration of the EUC, which, since its inception, we consider to have been badly neglected.

We want a more interactive website, with better information; we want to correct and update the Statutes of the EUC so that they do not allow opposing interpretations; to improve the accounting and the information it provides; to have detailed and clear information on the situation of the huge stock of uncollected conservation dues and to draw up a plan for medium and long term repairs to the damage of the urbanisation.

It is our duty and commitment to collaborate with the Town Council and to ensure that collaboration in both directions. We need and ask for the cooperation of owners and residents in all matters of good manners and civic education, in everything that has to do with the circulation of vehicles, pets, rubbish collection and pruning, building work, etc.

In short, it is our wish to work to ensure that the Costa Esuri Urbanisation is maintained and conserved to the best of our ability and to maintain and conserve it in the best way possible, so little by little, its problems will be solved.

We hope to count on your support and collaboration.

The new Governing Council
Ayamonte 15 May 2024

1 thought on “Result of the EUC AGM 2024”

  1. Alan William Young

    Many congratulations that Sanity and Control is belatedly being put in place with the EUC and that its deliquent Mangament over the last decade or so will be consigned to History. Good luck with bringing those responsible to account for their failure to perform and provide good service to Costa Esuri.

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