On July 5 we had a meeting at the Town Hall attended by Ms. Santos (Mayor), Ms. Mateos (Councilwoman Urbanism) Ms. Rodriguez (Technical Secretary), and Mr. Rodriguez Palma (Councilman of Economy and Representative in the EUC). For the Residents Association, Mrs. Martínez and Mr. Cuevas attended.

Points addressed

  • The Mayoress stated that, during the last three years, and despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, with all the uncertainties, suspensions of projects, etc, some very important things have been done by the City Council that have favoured the development of Costa Esuri, such as the reopening of the golf course, the pharmacy and the supermarket. 
  • Five bus shelters have recently been installed at bus stops.
  • Clearing of oleanders on the road to Costa Esuri and asphalting of potholes in the roadway out of Esuri have taken place.
  • The repair of the fence of the commercial centre at the entrance to Costa Esuri has only been partial and incorrect as it is falling down again. The small access gate and part of the fence facing the road should be closed to avoid risks and inappropriate access and use.
  • Abandoned or dilapidated buildings should also be fenced, the bridge on Paseo Blasco Ibáñez over the east golf course needs to be investigated, given the serious risk of falls.
  • We exposed again the damage being done by tree roots to pavements and private walls, broken lamp posts, broken or sunken pieces of pavements, damage due to use by construction trucks. These are things that are adversely affecting our facilities and making it difficult to walk on the pavements and can easily cause accidents.

Neither the EUC nor the Town Hall admit that they are responsible. 

Mrs. Rodriguez comments that maintenance is the responsibility of the EUC and Mrs. Mateos explains that once the works are received, they are the responsibility of the EUC.

Mrs. Mateos (Councilwoman of Urbanism) promised to prepare a written report defining the competences and responsibilities of the EUC and the Town Hall.

We believe that, in the meantime and when in doubt, it would be better for the EUC Council to take care of maintaining our urbanisation and leave to the Town Hall what is, by law, its competence and responsibility, such as the sports field or the children’s playgrounds.

Use of the money from the guarantees:

Regarding our comment, reflecting the feeling of many neighbours, that the money no longer exists, Mr. Rodriguez Palma refers us to the Auditor of the City Council, insisting that this money can only be used in Costa Esuri.

The Achitect’s technical report  with the plans for the five green areas, along with  the budget, is expected to be delivered very soon. As soon as the budget is available, the bidding process will begin.

Regarding the sanitation block, there is still no progress. Giahsa has been asked for a report on the current situation of the sewage treatment system. It seems that the sewage treatment plant will not be expanded. No grant has been obtained from the European Union.

We ask what the City Council understands to be the role of the supervisory body of the EUC. Mrs. Rodriguez explains that the guardianship supposes that it must start from a situation of collaboration; that the City Council has, as its purpose, the public interest. They do not specify further. Neither does Mr. Rodriguez Palma, who says that the Council of the EUC is formed by neighbours, who perhaps do not know much, but that there is an Administrator who should be experienced in the workings of the EUC.

We state that our attitude is one of collaboration with the Council of the EUC, but we cannot ignore the continued breach of the Statutes and the inactivity of the Town Hall, which does not seem to want to assume any responsibility, so we reiterate the need to go to the Courts of Justice and we give notice to the Town Hall that this is what we have done.

Mr. Cuevas proposes a joint City Council/EUC/CERA meeting to review the bylaws and other appropriate matters, to which all are in agreement. We will review this in September.

We recall other issues we have been asking for, such as containers for used oil and clothes, an ATM, a bike lane, a truck path, and signage and a pedestrian crossing at the Lomas Shopping Centre. In this regard, the Mayoress told us that on 25 July, first thing in the morning, the illegal canopy of the shop would be removed.

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