Road closures around Ayamonte and Costa Esuri

The Ayamonte City Council establishes a single controlled access for the entrance to Ayamonte from the roundabout under the A49 close to Costa Esuri.

Due to  the situation caused by the pandemic of Covid19 and within the framework of the state of alarm decreed by the Government, which among other measures forces the citizenship to confinement in their homes and limits the free movement of vehicles as a measure of precaution and prevention in potential contagions, and after the meeting this morning of the Security Committee created by the City Council, a single road for access to Ayamonte has been established. This will be the N-447. Access to Ayamonte will be prevented through the highway N-431 or other roads  except for  authorised vehicles. The control of access to Costa Esuri will also be maintained.

It should be noted that agents of the civil guard and local police will carry out access control operations to the town to prevent the entry of people who do not meet the requirements for this, as for example owners of second residences on the coast in places such as Isla Canela etc.. The City Council informs the citizenship that a vehicle that is travelling without justification will be forced to return to their place of origin. The authorities warn that the breach of this measure could incur crimes of criminal responsibility.

People living in Costa Esuri will still be able to go to Ayamonte but must follow the restrictions in place (food shopping,pharmacy,bank)

It would also be advisable for people to carry their passports 

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