Roadworks in Esuri

The town hall may soon adopt the Roads and pavements in Costa Esuri.

It is clear from the images below that the work is far from finished, we woud like to ask members to send photos of other examples of unfinished or shoddy work to the email below. We will then forward them to the town hall for action.

The images below were taken on Calle de Miguel de Unamuno

The email for images is:  

4 thoughts on “Roadworks in Esuri”

  1. Isn’t it strange that the repair work was all happening around Mayor re-election time then…….nada!

  2. Michael Jenkins

    I could see a problem with not having bricks – bricks keep the direct sun off the roots and prevent evaporation. You would have to put irrigation to all the tree without them.. You might say that pebbles/cobble might be the answer but they would be loose, could be scattered, pinched or used by ruffians as missiles. Just a thought.

  3. Totally agree re the tree roots, loose gravel around the base rather than blocks would be far better and probably cheaper to purchase, also less maintenance going forward.

  4. Why do they persist in placing bricks around the bases of tree trunks?
    The tree trunks will inevitably expand and dislodge the bricks.
    Just leave earth or pebbles around them.

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