Security in Costa Esuri


In view of the concern of the residents of Costa Esuri about criminal acts that have been taking place in our Urbanization, we requested information from the Civil Guard.

The Post Commander of the Main Post of the Ayamonte Civil Guard was kind enough to meet us on Monday, November 22.

How much it affects citizen security in Ayamonte is, from the operational point of view, its competence, so for any criminal act that we intend to report we must go to the Civil Guard Barracks, at Av. Cayetano Feu, no. 45.

According to his comments, Costa Esuri is a problem at a criminal level that fluctuates intermittently and goes through spells. Small robberies/thefts for a few days, then a period when nothing happens, and again they are repeated. This is the case throughout the area.

The distribution of houses in Costa Esuri is wide and from the population point of view the situation is not alarming. These are usually common criminals, sometimes minors, who do not know any other way of life, who enter an urbanization and see, for example, cars that are open, they do not even break windows, they do not commit robberies with force, but rather They take advantage of the carelessness of the owners.

In recent days, a small number of criminal acts have been known, all of them minor. These criminal acts, against property, are being investigated. Although it is true that in recent months there has been a rebound in petty theft, in September three people were arrested and made available to the Judicial Authority, we saw from that moment, a reduction in incidents.

All the patrols have the specific task of monitoring Costa Esuri, like the rest of the urban nucleus of Ayamonte, with the aim of preventing the commission of criminal acts and guaranteeing citizen security.

Regarding the possible relationship between drug trafficking and crimes against property (robbery and theft, mainly), it is ruled out as there is no evidence to corroborate it. It is possible to use isolated houses for indoor cultivation of narcotic substances (marijuana) and for whose detection citizen collaboration is important.

Regarding the prevention of patrimonial criminal acts, a series of recommendations are provided that can be easily accessed through the Internet website of the Civil Guard, which is


In the same sense, the installation of security systems is extremely dissuasive. Private security companies are the ones who can best advise on the placement of cameras in urbanizations, the different possibilities and systems, that comply with current laws.

Citizen collaboration is very important, upon calling 062 a patrol goes to the location as soon as possible, taking into account that they must cover the entire coast and that sometimes calls are made to distract them from being in other places.

The telephone number 062 corresponds to the Huelva Civil Guard Service Operational Center, from where all the Civil Guard Units of the province are coordinated and the Patrol in service closest to the sender of the call is activated. If we observe anything out of the ordinary, a strange vehicle, someone trying to enter a home, we must report it immediately. Even after it happens, there may be traces, biological remains or other evidence that may be of interest to the investigation.

The occupation of houses, which do not constitute a domicile or second residence, usually entail an eviction procedure that can be prolonged in time, so it is advisable to file the relevant complaint as soon as possible.

The Ayamonte Local Police collaborates actively with the Civil Guard, by sharing responsibilities in citizen security. This collaboration usually occurs, on request, since each police force has  defined competencies.

Finally, Mr. Requero insists that citizen collaboration is essential, especially in two aspects: Informing 062 of any abnormal situation, and reporting the criminal acts, because if there is no complaint they have no record and cannot investigate.


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