Squatters in Costa Esuri

It has been brought to our attention that there has recently been some instances of squatters trying to enter properties on Costa Esuri. One recent episode on Las Lomas was foiled when residents alerted the Guardia Civil, who were able to intervene.

As owners have been unable to visit Costa Esuri for some time properties have been left empty for long periods. This in turn has made them more vulnerable to illegal occupation. It is to everyone’s benefit if permanent residents of Costa Esuri are vigilant and report immediately any suspicious behaviour they see to the following free telephone number   

                          900 100 112

established by the Junta de Andalucia specially for these issues. From this phone, the police or Guardia Civil are alerted inmediately. 

It is vital that any occupation is reported within 48 hours as the police can remove people within this timeframe.

It would also be helpful to report any issues that may make a property more vulnerable such as overflowing post boxes, overgrown gardens, open windows etc. These type of issues need to be reported to your community President or management company.

The residents association will be contacting the town hall and both local police and Guardia civil to highlight this issue.

3 thoughts on “Squatters in Costa Esuri”

  1. Susan Perez Lloyd

    Well after reading up on squatters it is a nightmare, the law on this actually gives the squatters more rights than the owners. I have read up and it is like organised crime, I honestly did not realise how common this is, it is a way to exort money from the owners, really wish I would have been aware of this before I bought. They even have firms that negotiate to get your property back. In this country breaking and entering is a crime. Hope we all stick together and look after each other’s properties. Criminals seem to get away with a lot and ruin a lot of lives. Let’s hope we all take this seriously and as I’ve said look out for all our neighbours.

  2. Alan William Young

    Oh Dear. As Susan has said it’s a worry when we cant currently come over (18 months to date!!) but purely coincidentally we have made arrangements for a two check ups a month to get on top of any issues that might crop up. Other than that I guess its case of keeping our fingers crossed and hope that others on the Manzana are vigilant on our behalf.

    Hope all are keeping well and slowly emerging from our enforced confinements!

  3. Susan Perez Lloyd

    Oh no, I hope people are vigilant, it is bad enough when we cannot get over without the added worry of this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention

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