If we ask the owners “Who runs the EUC?” most will tell us that it is Playa Managering.


Playa Managering in relation to the EUC is nothing.

As we stated in a previous publication (“The only administrator of the EUC”)  the administration has been contracted since January 2016 with MR Managering Madrid, S.L. a company domiciled in Madrid, whose administrator is D. Jesús Menéndez-Morán Reverte and which, according to the contract, has a “professional office in Avenida del Alcalde Narciso Martín Navarro 79, bajo, Ayamonte”. This office is located in the same offices (by the way, very poor) in which are also located Playa Managering’s, whose label appears at the door of  the facilities.


The administration contract was signed on February 23, 2016, its amount was THIRTY TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED EUROS (€32,500.00) plus VAT (21% then) and the period was two years extendable for successive periods of one year.

Article 29.2 of the Act 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts provides that “In no case may an extension occur by the tacit consent of the parties”, as well as that “The extension shall be agreed by the contracting entity…”.

In addition, art. 29.4 of the above-mentioned Act provides that “Contracts of … successive services shall have a maximum term of five years, including any extensions agreed by the contracting entity pursuant to paragraph 2 of this Article…”


We have reviewed the minutes of the EUC Costa Esuri and have not found any agreement to extend the administration contract, so the EUC Governing Council has violated article 29.2 year after year.

The contract of administration is a contract of successive performance, since its conclusion seven years have passed, so the Governing Council violates article 29.4 of the aforementioned Law.

And it seems they intend to continue to do so. In the minutes of the Governing Council meeting held on 9 October 2023, it’s said that Mr. Menéndez-Morán would like to retire, but if his fees are increased, he will continue.

And we ask ourselves: Will the EUC Governing Council continue to violate the Public Sector Contracts Law? Or hold a public tender, as it should do, to appoint a new administrator?

The CERA committee

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