Here are a few things that the administration company of our EUC are failing to do. These issues show that the administration company are failing in their duty to defend the interests of the residents of Costa Esuri.

In accordance with the contract between the EUC and MR Managering Madrid, S.L., the  Administrator is responsible for:

* Invoicing and collection, if applicable by direct debit (bank) ,of the established current and/or delayed fees.

 * Follow-up, control,  claim the collection of fees outstanding payment for any reason.

* Keeping up to date of double-counting of the E.U.C. COSTA ESURI according to the criteria of the General Accounting Plan.

Our Administrator, MR Managering Madrid, S.L. does not perform any of these functions.

The contract also establishes as a function of the Administrator:

* Control and daily monitoring by the staff of the Administration of all the facilities and services belonging to the E.U.C. COSTA ESURI, checking the correct functioning of the common services and the status of the common elements.

No report of the Administrator in this regard has been issued to date. We continue to see broken street lamps, trees that invade the sidewalks, broken sidewalks by construction trucks, open access to green areas from private homes, green areas occupied by ongoing constructions. There is no evidence that the Administrator is visiting Costa Esuri and controlling anything.

If the Administrator fails to fulfill their contractual obligations, the EUC Council should act accordingly. Because in November, the Council should notify MR Managering of the termination of its contract if they consider that it does not fulfill its obligations as Administrator of the EUC.

And, of course, it is time that the EUC website shows MR Managering Madrid, S.L. as the Administrator and not Playa Managering.

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