. On 29 March 2022 the EUC General Assembly voted for an audit of the EUC’s accounts. The Governing Council is not fulfilling the mandate of the Assembly and therefore violates the law and the Statutes. Accounts should be audited annually.

. In November 2021, the Vice-President appointed by the General Assembly resigned. The Statutes require a replacement to be elected within three months of resignation.   The Governing Council was able to submit this election to the General Assembly in March, 2022 but did not. The Governing Council simply flouts the Statutes and the Law.

. The Governing Council has decided, contrary to the Statutes, to use our money to repair the sports court and playgrounds, which are obligations of the City Council. We have asked the Council to tell us about tenders received for these works and their cost. They do not reply. Why?

. EUC fees are still collected by the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria. But we do not know why. We have not seen any agreement of the Governing Council giving up this responsibility, nor has it been ratified in any Assembly. The owners/residents have a right to know this.

If, as suggested by the representative of the Ayuntamiento in the EUC, the members of the Governing Council do not have sufficient knowledge to manage the EUC, the contract with the Administration expressly states that MR Managering Madrid has “economists, lawyers and graduates in business sciences”, so the Council has the means, if it wants, to manage the EUC professionally and diligently.

The CERA Committee

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