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First part:

I want to make a few comments about the interviews conducted with the president and a member of the EUC Governing Council for “Ayamonte Interesa”, charged to the EUC funds that we all pay.

In the first place, in the interview with Mr. Martín Santos, already at the end of his intervention, when the interviewer asks him for some comments that say that the Governing Council does not want to eliminate the EUC, he answers that he does not pay attention to those comments that they come from four people who want to create hatred, confrontation and conflict between the members of the EUC; and later in another moment of his intervention, he refers to a person who wants to create confusion, who releases information that is correct, but not in the right direction and this can also create hatred and confrontation between neighbors.

These comments seem very serious to me without mentioning the people or the specific facts that motivate them, because hatred, if it is fostered, promoted or incited directly in public, can constitute a crime and is severely punished in article 510 of the Penal Code.

If Mr. Martín Santos considers that one or more people, members of the EUC Costa Esuri or outside of it, are promoting or inciting hatred among neighbors, owners or residents, he should report it to the police or the Civil Guard.

I do not know what it is based on to make those comments, the people or the concrete facts, I have not heard comments or read writings that justify those statements.

I can only think that Mr. Martín Santos considers that those who have opinions or criteria different from those of the Governing Council, when they express them, want with it to create confrontation, hatred and discord. It seems to me that this attitude is one of intolerance, and Mr. Martín Santos should give a public explanation or retract those comments.

The members of the Governing Council have to think and admit that other members of the entity will think differently from them regarding the ways of managing the affairs of the EUC. Nobody likes to be criticized without reason, and when they oppose us without knowing why we tend to get irritated and defensive, refuting more with wounded pride than with logic and reason. In group discussions, personal issues end up overriding objective ones, prioritizing individual personal interest over the collective. This attitude is frequently seen in the assemblies of neighboring communities and other similar ones.

Problem solving requires a study, analysis, establishing the benefits and drawbacks, the various possible solution options, the cost of each one, timing and timing factors, etc., any problem that arises no matter how simple it is. it seems it admits many solutions and that is what must be debated and reasoned, to choose the option that enjoys the greatest acceptance.

I beg the members of the EUC Costa Esuri entity, not to seek senseless confrontations, they do not lead to anything, only to thin the environment and to establish barriers of understanding that are very difficult to repair. We all have the same goal, which is well-being, and not getting along with the neighbors doesn’t help.

A cordial greeting to all.

In the second part I want to comment on other issues, and since the Ordinary General Assembly has been called, I will wait for it to be held to send the comments.

Francisco Tapia


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