February 2023

Dear members of the CERA,

In a previous comment I told you that the EUC’s Governing Council was malfunctioning for a number of reasons, but what happened in 2022 fills the glass and now I tell you that IT DOES NOT WORK, nor manages, nor administers, nor controls. This is a problem for the correct management and administration of the EUC and I base this statement on the following reasons:

The minutes of the AGM held on March 30, 2022 were published in May. Attached should be annexes I, II, and III , but these were not published. I asked the Governing Council to publish them and send them to me, but they did neither.

Throughout 2022 I have asked the Governing Council for information on issues concerning the EUC that should voluntarily be made public but are not. As the Council did not reply to my request I had to appeal to the Transparency Council of Andalusia to demand it. After a while I got some of the information, and I have to claim again and time passes. 

According to the Minutes of the meetings of the Governing Council, agreements are made that are not subsequently complied with.

I have been told that, for the work done in 2022 of the sports court, the arrangement of the playgrounds (neither of which should  be done with our fees), have complied with the Law of Public Sector Contracts, which is not true, nor did they take it into account when they made the new ComfortServi contract by changing the amount and duration.

The Transparency Council of Andalusia has urged the Governing Council to publish Annex I of the Statutes detailing the participation quotas of all plots of the Urbanization, so far have not been published.

The same is true of the agreement that the EUC should have with the SGTH for the collection of the maintenance fees, they do not provide it nor do they give information on it, it is very probable that it does not exist and the agreement that the City Council has is unduly applied.

Thus we find that the Governing Council does not control the collection of maintenance fees paid  voluntarily by members or the pursuit of unpaid fees. According to the Minutes of the Governing Council meeting of October 4, it is the City Council that has to ask the SGTH for the lists of charges made to the owners. For this reason the Governing Council and its contracted administration do not know the debts of defaulting owners, and in the accounts they cannot keep the major accounts of each owner and audit companies need them to perform a proper audit.

We have  incomplete accounting, for years wehave been presented with annual accounts that did not correspond to the nature of the EUC. I do not agree with the Governing Council’s comments that the accounts are clear and that much more is being raised than in previous years. The assessed contributions receivable account continues to grow.

I have NO CONFIDENCE in the ability of the Governing Council to address and resolve the problems of EUC management and the necessary relations with the City of Ayamonte. 

The Ayamonte City Council does not collaborate with members for the good management of the EUC or to solve the problems caused by the bankruptcy of creditors of Martinsa-Fadesa and the failure to complete the urbanisation works. At a meeting between members of the Governing Board of the Residents’ Association and the Ayamonte City Council, the Mayor of the City Council acknowledged that it had not paid attention to the urbanisation of Costa Esuri, and that it has not responded to the various Appeals filed by members of the EUC, which is also a great lack of consideration.

The current president of the Governing Council D. José Luis Redondo was elected at the AGO held on 31-03-2017,he has been in office for six years. Can anyone say that anything  has improved in the course of these six years other than the arrangement of the sports court or the playground?

Have the fountains been repaired, has the cleaning and maintenance of roads and green areas improved? Do we have improved information on EUC issues? My guess is no.

For these reasons and others that would lengthen this post, I will ask in the next Assembly for the resignation of the president of the Governing Council and the appointment of a new president. I trust there are responsible candidates for such a position who want to pull the EUC out of the pit it has fallen into.

Thank you for your attention.

Francisco Tapia Catalán.

If you are unable to attend the EUC’s AGM on March 3, you may give your proxy to any other owner that attends or to any member of the CERA’s Committee.



  1. Just the ways explained on the attachment to the call. Plot owners: copying of NIE/passport/DNI plus the data requested on the form. Community Presidents: The same plus copy of the minutes where their appointment was agreed. Of course it should be made easier.

  2. Is there a simple way to give a proxy vote to a trusted person for the people who cannot attend the EUC AGM.

    1. Hi Malcolm
      For the EUC AGM only presidents of manzanas , blocks and plot owners get a vote. Barbara will vote for manzana 2 and will vote no on everything.
      Regards Paul

    2. I agree with Malcolm Ashton, I cannot attend the EUC AGM, but would like to give my proxy to a member of the CERA Committee, if a simple method of doing this (in English, and perhaps with a proxy example) was posted here.

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