Art. 44 of the Statutes of the EUC establishes the system of management and collection of the EUC fees to be paid by all owners, which would correspond to the management of the EUC. The Governing Council, under Article 11 of the Statutes, ceded the entire collection procedure to the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria.

The members of the EUC Costa Esuri were never informed of any agreement, contract or document of any kind between the EUC and the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria in which the terms and conditions of collection were laid out.

It seems that it was assumed that it would be made under the Agreement signed between the City of Ayamonte and the Diputación and possibly based on one of its clauses that referred to the management of taxes under public law, without specifying which one.

On September 22, 2021, the City of Ayamonte signed a new agreement with the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria that substantially modifies the previous agreement, and in which it does not fit, in our opinion, the collection of EUC Costa Esuri fees.

For this reason, we asked the EUC Governing Council to inform us, or publish on the EUC website the agreement, contract, or any other document currently in force, which establishes the assignment by the Governing Council of the EUC to the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria of all issues related to the management and collection of EUC fees.

The Governing Council did not respond to our request, so we turned to the Transparency Council, which obliged it to provide us with this information. At the request of the Transparency Council the Governing Council replied that “… this Governing Council has not signed any agreement or agreement of any kind, before or after that date, with the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria of Huelva.”

When people complain about poor management of debt collection, when they ask who has responsability for the 40% of owners who do not pay their dues again and again, the Governing Council, in all its manifestations,  hide behind the fact that this is the responsibility of the Servicio de Gestión Tributaria.

But the EUC Council has not signed any agreement with Gestión Tributaria, so it does not know the terms and conditions in which this collection is made.


If you are unable to attend the EUC’s AGM on March 3, you may give your proxy to any other owner that attends or to a member of the CERA Committee.


  1. Alan William Young

    So the EUC were economical with the truth. Less diplomatic Folks might express the view that they lied. Consistently lied. I stress that as an ex-Owner I declare I no longer have a financial interest in this matter but applaud any efforts made to hold the Costa Esuri EUC to account for their continued failings in the manner of financial competency over many years.

  2. I remember that Fadesa set up the EUC at a meeting in the Parador on 09/01/2005 they must have agreed to use Tributaria after that meeting since the Presidet was their man he could have done it without consulting anyone Since they had the vast majority of votes.

    1. Yes, but that was in 2005. And The EUC Council is not aware of any document that links the fees collection to Gestión Tributaria. That’s what they said to the Consejo de Transparencia de Andalucía and to the CERA.

  3. Susan Perez Lloyd

    Oh this is all so confusing, why do they not know what is happening, or they do know but happily take the money. Seems nothing is ever straight forward or transparent in government or councils, I wish to thank you all for all the hard work and dedication you continue to do for all the residents of Costa Esuri, your never ending pushing for answers is very commendable.

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