The members of the Governing Council are also owners in Costa Esuri, with the same interests and requirements which is an effective and transparent management of the EUC.

With this idea in mind and to avoid what happened in previous AGM’s, the CERA Committee requested the Governing Council of the EUC implement the following simple steps for the next AGM, to be celebrated on March 30:

That the Chairmanship Table be presented, which is a gesture of courtesy towards the attendees;
that the list of attendees and their property coefficient be given;
That four people among the attendants be elected to control the votes at the end of the Meeting.

The Governing Council rejects all this on the grounds that the Statutes do not require it. This is true. But the Statutes do not regulate everything, and there is ample doctrine and jurisprudence to support our request.

We requested that the management of the Council be subject to approval and also that the implementation of the budget be provided.

The Statutes do require both, but the Governing Council makes its own interpretation and rejects our request.

We requested that the office of Vice-President be elected, which the Council also rejects using the interpretation it likes. Given the 2021 General Assembly election procedure, we don’t even know the actual members of the Council.

We have numerous legal arguments to contradict all these refusals of the Governing Council. We will comment at an aproppriate time.

What is striking is the refusal of the Governing Council to agree to requests that would be the best example of an open, conciliatory and constructive attitude. On the contrary, they are very strict in what the Statutes allow them not to do, but they continually ignore what those same Statutes oblige them to do.

Especially, in the case of a voting table, it is something very simple and would avoid the doubts that we have about the voting procedure in previous AGM’s. The Council wants to continue to monitor the voting procedure. We must not allow this, the votes are ours.

What is the Governing Council afraid of?
Why do they try so hard to oppose the owners’d requests, if, after all, they are there on behalf of all of us?

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