The Urban Planning Area in Costa Esuri

As we had been promised, the Councillor and Town Planning Technicians visited Costa Esuri on 19 November, 2019.

It was an important visit for them to learn how our Urbanisation is configured, e.g. the different residential complexes, the large number of single-family homes built and under construction, the areas planned for commercial use.

It was revealed that the planning of Costa Esuri is not consistent with the current reality of our Urbanisation. A residential complex planned for a holiday town has developed into a neighbourhood with a diverse population and many families with children. Residents require a supermarket, a nursery, a sports area, a medical centre, a reliable bus service, a pharmacy and various types of shops.

The strict planning regulations in place for commercial businesses makes it very difficult for us to obtain  these facilities, especially if small businesses and entrepreneurs want to start up in Esuri, as the initial investment can be significant.

CERA is aware of the difficulty of modifying the planning regulations, but will insist that the Town Council  assumes the responsibility of modifying these regulations to promote more business in Costa Esuri. If this responsibility is not taken on, Costa Esuri will not be able to develop as a thriving community for its residents. 

We are concerned that the lack of activities for children and adolescents in Costa Esuri leads them to investigate and look for things to do in possible hazardous places, so we must insist on the need for unfinished play areas to be made safe and therefore lessen the risk of accidents occurring.

We are in communication with the Town Council about many more issues, in respect of which we hope action will be taken to improve the current situation. As always, we will keep you informed of developments on a regular basis.

5 thoughts on “The Urban Planning Area in Costa Esuri”

  1. The facility at the 19th Hole was a very nice family friendly meeting point, but was shut down within a fortnight, what a waste. We took our grandchildren and they enjoyed the sports room and it was definitely not a nuisance to any residents, no noise could be heard on the approach to the facility, so really can’t understand why it was shut down and remains shut

  2. Christine Parnham

    Our understanding is that numerous facilities, including some of the ones to which you refer, and businesses, were promised as part of the original package. There’s no greater example of this than the unfinished Commercial Centre at the entrance to the development.
    On this basis, it is difficult to understand the necessity to modify any existing planning regulations since, as residents, we are only asking for promises to be fulfilled, not changed.

    1. It is true that Costa Esuri has not developed as originally envisaged, the commercial centre especially is a great disappointment as this was where most of the facilities mentioned would have been located.

      The promises made about Esuri at the start of the development were made by a company that no longer exists, even if the commercial centre had been completed there was no guarantee that the units would have been occupied. The population of Ayamonte cannot adequately support La Plaza, so nobody is going to spend the funds necessary on Costa Esuri.

      This is why we want to push the town hall to relax the planning regulations to allow smaller businesses a chance to develop without having to invest significant sums at startup. Even the commercial area on Lomas requires large investments to buy or rent units, which may indicate why none of them have been taken up.

  3. Its great to see the Town Hall coming to Costa Esuri. Very much a rarity in former times. Hopefully CERA can build on that relationship and make it a once a month event by different units within the Town Hall. Perhaps a tapas in the Golf Club by way of encouragement!

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