Update to legal action against the EUC

As you will recall, CERA’s Committee has filed two judicial proceedings requesting the annulment of the agreements adopted at the EUC’s AGM’s of 2021 and 2022.

This decision was made after years unsuccessfully denouncing the management of the previous Governing Council of the EUC for the continuous infringements of the Statutes, the arbitrary decisions of expenditure on things that were not the responsibility of the EUC, the inefficiency in the collection of fees, the absence of accounting showing the financial and patrimonial situation of the EUC, the lack of accountability and the lack of transparency. All this resulted in the AGM adopting agreements with a voting system without any control or rigour.

On 12 June, a hearing was scheduled for the 2021 General Assembly litigation, a step prior to sentencing.

A favorable judgment in either lawsuit would entail:

  • The annulment of all agreements adopted by the Governing Council since the conclusion of the AGM. However, the financial agreements adopted were for expenses that have already been made and cannot be reversed. The lack of transparency in management, lack of accountability, etc., can no longer be corrected for that period.
  • The holding of an EGM to elect a new Governing Council.

On 26 April 2024, the EUC’s AGM elected a new Governing Council whose members are also members of the residents association and have expressed their commitment to the Statutes, the transparency of their management and their intention to put in order the accounting situation of the EUC.

In view of the change in the Governing Council, the CERA Committee has considered that waiting for the judgment to be rendered would entail a period of uncertainty that would not benefit the management of the EUC and that, even if the judgment were favorable, it would not change anything that happened in the past, whereas after the AGM held in April, there is already a new Governing Council in which we have placed our trust for a proper management of the EUC of Costa Esuri.

Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the action  of both procedures.


The CERA Committee.

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