Fencing around the commercial centre

The shopping center at the entrance to Costa Esuri was fenced off about ten years ago, after much petitioning to the Town Hall given how dangerous it was to be open.

A couple of years ago, the small gate on the corner was broken down, and we asked for it to be repaired. It cost very little to put it back. But it was not done.

Then came the collapse of part of the fence at the entrance from the road. Once again, we had to make requests and face-to-face demands in meetings with the City Council. We knew that even vehicles were entering through there. Again nothing was done.

For a couple of months the part of the fence facing Juan Pablo II was defective.  More meetings, more requests. Including the Green Line app. All to no avail.


Finally, as was to be feared given the negligence of the Ayamonte City Council, part of the fence has fallen on the sidewalk.

This building occupies a very large plot, full of weeds, rusty wires and huge holes, dead birds and other animals.

The inside is being accessed, we have seen painted walls and heard balls being thrown.

It is not only a question of aesthetics, but of safety. The City Council of Ayamonte must replace that fence completely without delay, and so we must demand it with all the means we have.

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