The political party the Popular Group has informed us that next Wednesday, 4 August, at 8.30 p.m. D. José Correa Reyes and D. Alberto Fernández, (the former Mayor) accompanied by several councilors of the PP, will be in the parking lot of the golf course to talk to the residents of Costa Esuri about the issues we want to raise.

We believe that it is important to listen to the opposition, which has anticipated the visit we expect from our Mayoresse in September. 

Apart from the political affinities that each of us has, we should not forget that the City Council is the administration closest to the citizen and responsible for the services we need (transport, health, sports areas, etc.), and this should not have an ideology.

We must take advantage of these meetings to raise the claims and complaints that we usually discuss with our friends and neighbors, it’s when we have our politicians near that we can talk directly to them and hopefully influence them .

Please attend this meeting. The more we are, the louder our voice will be.

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