Volunteers for the CERA committee


Dear CERA members,

In the CERA Committee we believe that the union makes strength and that good ideas, democracy and the action of the people who carry them out, serve for the progress and advancement of communities and civil entities.

We call on all CERA members and supporters to participate in the functioning of the Association and in the activities it sometimes organizes.

The CERA Committee consists of ten members, currently there are two vacancies, the secretariat and a member. We need to fill the vacancies and that more people collaborate with us, people who contribute their knowledge and wishes that the Association best fulfills its purposes and objectives. 

The Association was founded in the year 2010, there has been years of effort to make ourselves known and highlight to the City Council and the EUC of Costa Esuri the concerns and needs of Costa Esuri residents.

Costa Esuri is a large residential nucleus away from the urban center to which we believe the Town Hall of Ayamonte has not paid due attention;  to solve their shortcomings and problems the collaboration and action of the owners and residents is necessary.

The Association is the channel of participation for owners, neighbours and residents, permanent or temporary, to propose to the competent entities the improvements of facilities and services we require; to defend, promote and improve the general interests of the associates collaborating with the EUC Costa Esuri and the City of Ayamonte. 

The Association also aims to promote social, cultural and sporting activities, for which, of course, the collaboration of our members is required.

The Association will be what the associates want and demand, the Committee alone can do little if there is no social base that pushes.

We encourage people who want to be part of the Committee or just collaborators, to contact by email to secretaria@esuriresident.com , which will be duly addressed and may be proposed at the next General Meeting.

Thank you for your attention,

                                       Nieves Gómez

                          CERA President

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