August is over and with it the time of washing hands of responsibilities saying “Ah! I’m going on vacation!”, is finished.

Life does not stop in August, fortunately, and what has not been done before, must be done now, because the problems are still there, and sometimes they have worsened.

We had warned the City Council of the deterioration of the fence of the shopping center at the entrance of Costa Esuri. They ignored us and today it is fallen and open in several areas, which facilitates access to that ruined building, in which there are putrid waters, rusty wires, dead birds and cats, huge holes hidden by brush, … It is no longer the aesthetics of Costa Esuri, which is also important, but also the danger of infections and accidents and it is, in any case, OBLIGATION OF THE CITY COUNCIL to have that fence repaired.

And we hope that, in this new stage, and with the approach of the elections, the current Corporation will take over and process our requests. Still pending the removal of the ramp access to the shopping center of Lomas de Esuri (which the Mayoress assured us would be done on July 25 -2022- at 9:20 am!!!), traffic signs in front of the shopping center, implementation of parking places.

A report remains pending specifying the responsibilities of the City Council and the EUC. And containers of used clothes and oil. 

Let us not talk about responding to the many requests that we have submitted by instance (official registry).

And a civic center for Costa Esuri is still pending. We will insist on this, because 3,000 regular residents have the right to a place where we can meet, do activities, have language classes, computer science, painting.

The above are just a few things, so as not to make this note longer.

Costa Esuri should not only be a source of income, we pay the taxes that are due to us, the City Council has obligations to us.

CERA is growing in size but we want and need more members. We will challenge the EUC and the Ayuntamiento to respond to the rights and needs of the residents of Costa Esuri. Please join us and encourage your friends to do so as well. 

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