Water Meters

Lately, Giahsa has been sending communications to clients saying that they are changing water meters. As they state, this change is made in accordance with Article 46 of the applicable Regulation, it is free and will be carried out by accredited staff.

They also state that, if they are unable to replace the meter for reasons beyond their control, for example by not being able to gain access to the relevant property, this may be grounds for contract suspension.

For greater security, those who wish to can contact Giahsa and request that, when the change is made, they are notified to set the day and time and deliver to the customer or leave in their mailbox, in accordance with the same Regulation and article, a document recording:

  • Reason for the change and the date it is made;
  • Model, number of the old counter and reading on it;
  • Model, number of the new counter and reading on it;
  • Signature and identification of the people who have made the changeover.

6 thoughts on “Water Meters”

  1. Darryl Tant
    December 19, 12.32pm
    Where is the meter in houses on La Jara (Las Jaras)?
    Can the water company access it in the absence of the owner, or does it require entry to the house?

    1. If they have access to the counter, Giahsa will change it, there is no need for the owner to be present.

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