Some of the accounting documents published on the EUC website bear the letterhead of Playa Managering SL with NIF B88248117, in 2018 they had the letterhead of M&M JESUS ​​MENENDEZ-MORAN with NIF 51344133Z. In the accounts for 2018 it was stated that 3,380.34 euros were owed as of 12/31/2018 to Administracion Playa Managering.

In the Budget for the year 2019 it is reported that the entity maintains a contract for the provision of administration and management services with the company MR Managering Madrid SL, and it is reported that Playa Managering is its commercial name in Ayamonte, but a commercial name has not been assigned NIF unless it coincides with a commercial company or owner with the same name.

In the 2019 accounting, there is an account in the name of MR Managering Madrid SL. If Playa Managering SL is a commercial company, what is the relationship between the two companies? Why is it not contracted directly with Playa Managering SL? What is the NIF of MR Managering Madrid SL.?

On the EUC website there is an administration contract with MR Managering Madrid, S.L.

If the Governing Council has contracted with MR Managering Madrid SL the administration and management, why are the accounting documents formulated with the Playa Managering SL letterhead?

It is a formal detail to clarify because there should be no confusion as to who is in charge of providing the service, or it is that MR Managering Madrid SL has subcontracted the provision of the service to Playa Managering SL.

All EUC documents should bear your identification, name, address, NIF, telephone number and others that are considered convenient and you should know with whom the administration and the accounting is contracted.

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