Roadworks in Esuri

The first phase of the repair of defects charged to one of the guarantees granted to the City Council by Martinsa-Fadesa is almost completed.

These works should be done as established in the Technical Report prepared by the City Council at the time, and it is up to the City Council to verify that this has been done.

CERA has been in contact with the Department of Works in order to provide our knowledge on the ground, since it is in our interest that these works are done correctly because once the City Council has given its approval to them any future damage It will be the responsibility of the owners.


The roots of about 300 trees were damaging sidewalks and streets. Many neighbors were surprised when they saw the machines uproot one tree after another and  someone was even willing to report it to the press, forgetting that we had been asking for the necessary means to prevent the progress of the roots in the roads.

What we could not know was that they were also affecting the light and water pipes.

These works are carried out under one of the guarantees granted by Martinsa-Fadesa before the Ayamonte City Council and have been awarded for an amount of € 700,000.

The Technical Report that must be adhered to includes the repair of tree beds, steel, bike paths and on-line parking, drainage channels, and pavement.

As for the lighting, the deficiencies attributable to the promoter for the omission of the placement or for the poor execution of the same.

This last aspect is important because once these defects are repaired, the operation of the street lamps is the responsibility of the City Council. The EUC, meanwhile, is responsible for the lamppost itself.

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